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First Two Services in July

HIRC first Sunday was a home run!

Absolutely phenomenal, several church membership commitments, anointed worship powerful preaching and serval personal prophetic words. We’re here permanently and this is going to be one of the powerful churches of the Houston greater area.

Cody prophesied today telling us over 100 years ago that William J. Seymour came to Houston and said that from this city revival will spring forth and the thing that will be the hallmark is that will be international… 100 years before we were voted most diverse county in America, and when I got the name Houston International Revival church I had never known his prophecy. We started ON TIME and we had 18 in attendance, 1 baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in Tongues. #Sugarland will be shaken by the power of God. Day 1 we had 6 different nationalities represented

Week 2 was an entire other level the power of God is being poured out, the word being preached with gravity.

The young folks led worship today it was so anointed.

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