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Houston, Texas

Joey Castillo was saved as an orphan at 16 years old on February 21st 1996. He was called into the ministry fall of 1997 at just 18 years old. At that time God said, “Evangelist, Evangelist, Evangelist”


Pastors Joey & Yuting

Not knowing what an Evangelist was he joined the street witnessing team at Dr. Bill Winston’s Church in Forest Park, Illinois “Living Word Christian Center”, serving as a street Evangelist.

In this role, he served as a street evangelist. Given his background as an orphan, former gang member, and recovering drug user, he doubted his eligibility to become an official minister of the gospel.

In 2002, he graduated Manga Cum Laude from Valor Christian College and pursued studies in business at Ohio Christian University. He later achieved a Doctorate in Divinity from CICA Seminary and University.

Starting in 2005, Dr. Castillo held four assistant pastorate positions in Delaware, Chicago, Montreal, and eventually served as a senior Pastor in Beijing, China. His ministry extended to 26 nations worldwide, witnessing miraculous healings, salvations, and profound outpourings of the Holy Spirit through signs, wonders, and manifestations.

Having married Jade Wang of China in 2010, he now effectively balances his ministry in the realms of church, government, business, and media while raising two sons.

Joey Castillo has been privileged to address government officials and minister in more than 20 embassies, spanning from Beijing to Geneva. His campaigns have been focused on urging nations to repent for historical wrongs and fostering spiritual catharsis.

Additionally, he strongly supports Israel's right to exist and protect its borders. He hosts large-scale events to raise public awareness about the perils of anti-Semitism and other forms of racial prejudice.

Business and media stand as two major avenues through which God employs Joey Castillo to influence Asia. His impactful role in founding Nations Abroad Ltd. in Beijing has been recognized by various media outlets including China Daily, Tencent News, and China Radio International (CRI) "Expat Tales." Consequently, he has become a household name through numerous appearances on Beijing Television, CCTV, and Tianjin Television hosting talk shows, where he shares his life experiences, strengths, and hopes.

His vision entails transferring the same transformative power and growth methodologies of the underground Church of China to the Western Church. His passion for countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and China is fueled by one purpose – reaching the unreached.

Dr. Castillo has preached, taught, or shared at:

  • Living Word Christian Center Forest Park, Illinois “Dr. Bill Winston”

  • Family Christian Center Munster, Indiana “Steve Munsey”

  • Rhema Bible Training Center Tula, Oklahoma

  • Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Victory Bible College Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • World Harvest Church Columbus, Ohio “Rod Parsley”

  • The River Tampa Bay, “Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne”

  • Paris Centre Chretien, Paris France “Pastor Dorothy”

  • River of God Galleria, Manila Philippines “Bishop Chito Sanchez”

  • Kingdom of Jesus, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia “Pastor Nara”

Beyond his spiritual engagements, he has spearheaded philanthropic initiatives worldwide, benefitting prisons, orphanages, and impoverished communities. Dr. Castillo's notable presence extends to prominent media outlets like BBC, FOX News, and Sky News.

From 2015 to 2020, Dr. Castillo made numerous appearances on Beijing TV, CCTV, Tianjin TV, Global Times (Daily Column), Hebei TV, GuiZhou TV, Hunan TV, China Daily International (Monthly Column), and CRI (Expat Tales), contributing to conferences, events, and initiatives related to business, entertainment, and local Chinese government activities.

Residing in Sugar Land, Texas, Dr. Joseph Castillo is a Distinguished Fellow with the Geneva Institute for Leadership in Public Policy (GILPP), an organization founded by GHNI, a UNITAR NGO, University of the Nations, and ORU. In 2022, he renewed his mortgage license and is currently associated with America's top mortgage brokerage, Nexa Mortgage, LLC, when not engaged in public speaking engagements overseas or domestically.

Discover more about the impactful ministry of Pastor Joseph R. Castillo through these media clips.



The genesis of The All Nations International Fellowship dates back to January 2011 when it was established by Dr. Lee, a distinguished Korean Presbyterian theologian boasting dual PhDs. Alongside him, two dedicated missionaries, Joseph Castillo and Robert Brownel, played pivotal roles in shaping its inception.

Coming to Houston to establish our world headquarters in the fastest-growing and most diverse county in America was a strategic decision. Being situated in a city where numerous nations are represented aligns with our heart's mission for the unreached people groups of the world.

So, who is A.N.I.F.? We have churches and affiliates in China, Canada, and Mongolia through our parent organization, All Nations International Fellowship.

A.N.I.F. commenced its journey in the spring of 2011, originating from a group of expatriates in Beijing seeking a deeper and more profound connection with God.

This diverse assembly, consisting of Africans, Asians, and Europeans, gathered for worship, prayer, and mutual care. We are a school of ministry Church, founded on a robust foundation of Prayer, Community, Evangelism, and a commitment to being a  Spirit-filled training center for the body of Christ. 


We hold the conviction that God has created all nations of the world from a common lineage. Hence, we are a multicultural fellowship that wholeheartedly worships God during our services, striving to be a Church where individuals can encounter a Living God rather than just learn about a God who performed miracles centuries ago.

Embracing the unchanging nature of Jesus Christ—yesterday, today, and forever—we anticipate witnessing healing, salvation, and deliverance as the gospel of Jesus the Christ is proclaimed. Signs, wonders, and miracles are integral aspects of our services.

We warmly welcome all branches of biblical Christianity, with our services centered on the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Our use of titles like Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teachers, Elders, and Deacons serves to define roles, not establish a spiritual hierarchy.

We employ the term "Bishop" in its biblical sense, signifying the "overseer" of multiple locations and ministers with apostolic functions. "Elders" refers to Pastors overseeing non-independent congregations, while "Pastor" pertains to senior pastor roles leading their own congregation. "Deacons" are ministers responsible for tending to daily church needs and so on. We also recognize and uphold the significance of the five-fold gifts of Evangelists and Prophets.

Moreover, we acknowledge that believers who may not hold an Ascension Gift Office are nevertheless encouraged and equipped to operate in ALL of the gifts to varying degrees.

Our liturgical use of titles such as Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teachers, Elders and Deacons are used for the purpose of understanding function only, and not a spiritual pecking order.

We use the term "Bishop" meaning in a biblical sense "overseer" of multiple locations and ministers with apostolic function. Elders is a term we use for Pastors who do not lead independent congregations, while Pastor is used for senior pastor roles over their own congregation. Deacons for ministers who tend to the daily church needs and so forth. We also believe in the five-fold gift of Evangelists and Prophets. 


Yet recognize believers who are not in an Ascension Gift Office, can and should operate in ALL of the gifts to varying degrees.

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