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Houston, Texas

Joey Castillo was saved as an orphan at 16 years old on February 21st 1996. He was called into the ministry fall of 1997 at just 18 years old. At that time God said, “Evangelist, Evangelist, Evangelist”



Joey Castillo was saved as an orphan at 16 years old on February 21st 1996. He was called into the ministry fall of 1997 at just 18 years old. At that time God said, “Evangelist, Evangelist, Evangelist”


Not knowing what that meant he joined the street witnessing team at Dr. Bill Winston’s Church in Forest Park, Illinois “Living Word Christian Center”, serving as an street Evangelist. He didn't think he could be an official minister of the gospel since he was is an orphan, former gang member and recovering drug addict.


Graduated Manga Cum Lade at Valor Christian College, studied business at Ohio Christian University and received a Doctorate in Divinity from CICA Seminary and University.


From 2005 Dr. Castillo served 4 assistant pastor positions in Delaware, Chicago, Montreal and finally senior Pastor in Beijing, China. He has ministered in 26 nations of the world, seeing miracles healing, salvation and corporate outpourings of Holy Spirit in signs, wonders and manifestations.


Married to Jade Wang of China in 2010, he is now balancing his ministry in Church, government, business, and media while raising two sons.


God has opened incredible doors for him to speak to government officials and has ministered in over 20 embassies from Beijing to Geneva. Dr. Castillo has been leading campaigns to invite the nations to repentance for historical wrongs and to develop a spiritual catharsis. Also as a strong supporter of Israel right to exist and protect her borders. As well hosting large scale events to educate the public on the dangers of anti-semitism and other racial prejudice.


Business and media are two major areas of ministry that God is using Joey Castillo to impact Asia. Joe Castillo has been featured in China’s international paper twice, China Daily, China’s international radio CRI “Expat Tales”, Global Times, Tencent News, Xinhua news, and many other media outlets for his success founding Nations Abroad Ltd. in Beijing, China. As a result of Pastor Joe’s impact in the business world in China, he has become a national celebrity and household name from his multiple appearances on Beijing Television, CCTV, Tianjin Television station hosting talk shows and sharing his life’s experience, strength, and hope.


His vision is to take the same power and method for church growth in the underground Church of China and introduce it to the Western Church world. His passions fo Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and China is for one reason only, the unevangelized of the earth.


Dr. Castillo has preached, taught, or shared at:

  • Living Word Christian Center Forest Park, Illinois “Dr. Bill Winston”

  • Family Christian Center Munster, Indiana “Steve Munsey”

  • Rhema Bible Training Center Tula, Oklahoma

  • Oral Roberts University, Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Victory Bible College Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • World Harvest Church Columbus, Ohio “Rod Parsley”

  • The River Tampa Bay, “Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne”

  • Paris Centre Chretien, Paris France “Pastor Dorothy”

  • River of God Galleria, Manila Philippines “Bishop Chito Sanchez”

  • Kingdom of Jesus, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia “Pastor Nara”


As well as led philanthropic projects around the world in prisons, orphanages and poverty alleviation in villages. Dr. Castillo has been featured on BBC, FOX News, and Sky News.


From 2015 to 2020 Dr. Castillo has appeared multiple times on Beijing TV, CCTV, and on Tianjin TV, Global Times (Daily Column), Hebei TV, GuiZhou TV, Hunan TV, China Daily International (Monthly Column), CRI (Expat Tales) and many other conferences and events for business, entertainment and local Chinese government activities.


Dr. Joseph Castillo resides in Sugar Land Texas. He is a Distinguished Fellow with the Geneva Institute for Leadership in Public Policy (GILPP) an organization founded by GHNI a UNITAR NGO, University of the Nations and ORU and in 2022 he renewed his mortgage license and is now working for America’s top mortgage brokerage Nexa Mortgage, LLC when not public speaking over seas or domestically.


Enjoy some media clips about Pastor Joseph R. Castillo’s ministry.


Vancouver, Canada

John Ramos. was born again February 21, 1996. He was called into the ministry the following year through an open vision he received the fall of 1997.



He was raised as an unbeliever with a very basic Roman Catholic influence, which meant he maybe went to church once a year. His parents did the best they could, but having an alcoholic and abusive Father was hard on the whole family.

- He was saved after hitting a low spot in his life while living in Chilliwack BC in 1992, when he cried out to God and God answered him.

- He was baptized in the Holy Ghost while driving in his truck after a Full Gospel Business Man’s meeting the same week while attending a Mennonite Church.

- In 1994, he was water baptized in Foursquare Church, Coquitlam.

- had a powerful visitation from God in the middle of the night when God spoke so loud that it woke him out of his sleep but nobody else in the house heard where God called him to be a Prophet! Recently,  two people prophecies over his ministry that God was changing his calling to that of an Apostolic leader and looks forward to seeing God produce much fruit from that in the years ahead!


After graduated from Liberty and Pacific Life Bible college, he continues his calling and itinerates ministry where God moves in signs and wonders in all of the gifts, with healings & deliverances by God. Some examples include a person healed of HIV and many set free from demonic bondages, as well as life changing prophecy & words of knowledge often will manifest in the meetings, and many touched by the Glory of God.   He has a family with 2 kids and a wonderful wife Cindy, living in Surrey.


The Houston International Revival Church was founded July 1st 2022 by Pastors Joey and Jade Castillo.

Coming to Houston to relocate our world headquarters in the fastest growing and most diverse county in America. It is important to be in a city where so many nations are represented because our hearts are for the unreached people groups of the world.  


So who is H.I.R.C.? We have churches and affiliates in China, Canada, and Mongolia through our parent organization All Nations International Fellowship. 


A.N.I.F.  began in the spring of 2011 and started with a group of expats in Beijing, looking for a place to experience God in a deeper and more meaningful way.


So a mixed group of Africans, Asians and Europeans gathered together for worship, prayer, and a care for one another. By having a heavy focus on Prayer, Community, Evangelism, and being Holy Ghost filled we founded A.N.I.F.



We believe that God has made of one blood every nation of the world. So we are a multicultural fellowship who worships God with all our heart, mind and soul during our services, we aim to be a Church where people can experience a Living God not just hear about a God who did miracles thousands of years ago.


With an understanding that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, we expect to see healing, salvation, deliverance as Jesus the Christ is proclaimed. You will experience see signs, wonders and miracles as a normal part of our services.


We welcome the greater community of Fort Bend County to join us. We respect all branches of biblical Christianity and strive to have the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit as the center and focus in all our services.

Our liturgical use of titles such as Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, Teachers, Elders and Deacons are used for the purpose of understanding function only, and not a spiritual pecking order.

We use the term "Bishop" meaning in a biblical sense "overseer" of multiple locations and ministers with apostolic function. Elders is a term we use for Pastors who do not lead independent congregations, while Pastor is used for senior pastor roles over their own congregation. Deacons for ministers who tend to the daily church needs and so forth. We also believe in the five-fold gift of Evangelists and Prophets. 


Yet recognize believers who are not in an Ascension Gift Office, can and should operate in ALL of the gifts to varying degrees.

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