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"Join Us for a Thrilling New Chapter: Houston International Revival Church's Grand Opening!"

Back in 2010, we kickstarted something pretty cool—a Church in Beijing called "All Nations International Fellowship." And let me tell you, I'm genuinely pumped about what's about to unfold right here in our West Houston community!

But hey, let's clear things up a bit. This whole church thing didn't just come out of thin air, like some wild idea that didn't fit anywhere else. Nope, Houston Revival Church has got some solid roots. Here's the back story: there's this awesome Presbyterian church down in South Korea called Onnuri Church. They've been doing their thing for ages and even had a big presence in Beijing. Then, winter of 2009 Pastor Kang gets a word from God about starting an English service.

So, Pastor Kang ropes in this new member minister who just moved to Beijing, (actually to both their surprise Kang was friend with Lee's brother), a total powerhouse with two Ph.Ds in Divinity, to round up all the English speakers and set up an afternoon service. And guess who jumps on board? Me and Pastor Robert Brownell—we were some of the trailblazers, paving the way in this fresh adventure.

Fast forward to 2013, when Pastor Lee decides to head off to Fuller Theological Seminary. Around the same time, the universe gives our elders a little nudge, and they're like, "Hey, it's time for you to take the lead." By that point, I've already been impacting many communities, helping launch five churches across four countries (Canada, France, USA, and China). And guess what? Some awesome folks from Africa joined the ride, drawn by my Pentecostal background. Onnuri Church gives us the thumbs-up, and boom! All Nations International Fellowship takes flight.

We kept the fire burning, planting churches in Hebei, Wuhan, Mongolia—basically, wherever the wind of the Spirit takes us. But then 2020 comes crashing in, and the pesky COVID-19 pandemic threw us a curveball. It nudges Me and Pastor Jade, to make a pretty major move—to the good ol' USA.

After three years of prayers, adventures, and soul-searching, we stumble upon our new global launch pad. And let me tell you, it's not just a big deal for the us; it's colossal for all of us at ANIF.

Now, onto the good stuff: I'm here to spill the beans, and it's not just within our church circles. The unique anointing that defines ANIF, along with our apostolic mission, is spreading. It's time to invite all you Houstonians west of Downtown to join us in worship. Our new local venture is dubbed H.I.R.C. "Houston International Revival Church," and guess what? We're throwing open the doors on Back to Church Sunday, September 17th, 2023.

So mark your calendar, gear up, and come be part of something that's way grander than us—a divine work that leaves an everlasting mark. Can't wait to see all your awesome faces there! 🎉🙌🏽

Enjoy this hilarious massage with my Pastor in Tampa.

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